Landshut all lit LED-based

For the first time the complete Christmas lights is converted in the city this year, based on Strip Lighting technology. This saves the city of Landshut 65 percent of the cost of electricity, transportation director says Kurt Weinzierl. Old Town, New Town and individual lanes in Landshut are lit during Advent of the candle-lit Christmas lights. The light was “pleasantly yellow, a great light,” said traffic director Kurt Weinzierl and says that they have informed themselves just before acquiring new and hired a cost accounting. Finally, the Christmas lights of the town of Landshut wear out the Advent shine and yet in the long term - if possible - also save costs.

With the new T8 LED Fluorescent now even comes with a positive environmental awareness added. The high quality of today made the new technology and the light “succeeded”. The old lighting was so traffic director Weinzierl, the technical and economic limit is reached, therefore is a replacement of the equipment queued. “Taking advantage of all market opportunities, the LEDs were even cheaper.”