Cree Strip Lighting and COB new technology Seminar is successfully held

November 28, 2012, the Cree Company held Cree LED module and COB new technical exchanges in Zhongshan, Guangdong. It shows the latest products of the Cree to the nearly 300 customers attended.

The Career China general manager, said Dr. Liu Erzhuang leading the LED lighting revolution “is the mission of the Cree, Cree has been committed to innovation through technology, to meet the market demand, to provide customers with better performance, more cost-effective LED products with customers together to achieve a multiplier value of Strip Lighting . Career ground on photovoltaic hand in hand with 92000 XP-G LED lit Great Hall of the people auditorium Gypsophila, the saving rate of 87.5% to achieve significant energy saving effect, color rendering index reached 85.2 achieve excellent lighting effects and light The color quality. Million people in the auditorium of the Great Hall of the People podium lighting renovation was completed last year by the Cree and Zhejiang North Light cooperation, energy-saving rate to achieve 90.3%. Great Hall of the LED lighting projects by the State Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and been highly praised by government leaders.

Cree LED module to achieve the dual advantages of high light efficiency and high color rendering index, using innovative patented white LED technology - TrueWhite ® technology, high light efficiency, excellent lighting quality and stable light color consistency, optional The color temperature range can provide 90 + color rendering index. Cree LED Strip Lighting module is easy to use, highly integrated drive, optical and thermal management technology, compact LED module plug-and-play functionality, further simplify lighting design, reduce system cost and accelerate lighting products listing process. Cree LED Module by the CQC, Energy Star, UL and other important domestic and international standard certification, to help customers quickly LED lighting products to the domestic and foreign markets.

Career for simplifying the design and reducing system cost optimization, launched a comprehensive COB products, including the latest CXA1507 / 1512/2520/2530, etc., to meet the requirements of applications such as commercial downlight  flexible led strip  replacement lamps to.